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Mullahs storm concert

Most of us here in Karachi seem to think that the agreement of our government with the Taliban in SWAT has no affect on our urban lives in Karachi. This could not be further from the truth as the government has basically sold out the people of Swat to the Taliban who are now going to impose the most radical form of shariah known even to the muslim ummah on the poor population of the area.

Their influence in our city has been increasing over the passage of time as well and a stark example of it was the “attack” of 40-50 armed mullahs on a concert being held on valentines day in nisar shaheed park in defence. Although people may claim that the concert was creating problems for namazis at the adjacent mosque it was organized with proper permission from D.H.A authorities and the mullahs had no right to take the law into their own hands.

Police has to intervene and the concert had to be abandoned, these mullahs have now realized that it is in their power to disrupt anything they want on the name of Islam. I am not condoling valentines or the loud music interfering with someones namaz, but if I hear noise during Isha prayers does it give me the right to go over and threaten the noisemaker with a beating?

The civic agencies responsible for maintaining law and order have no idea how to deal with these mullahs and I am afraid the time is not far off when all of us will have to make a choice. Who will pay back the organizers or the people who bought tickets at this event? Who is going to hold these people back from taking over Karachi like they did in Swat?

In the end it will be between us and them.

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