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This is stunning. So the people wont be able to see/know justice once again, it if comes true. Pakpoint has this article by Shahid Qureshi via London Post that ” Munaf Kalia might be killed in custody after a recent financial scandal according to a senior source in the security. Some one informed the family that Mr Kalia could be eliminated in government custody and presented as ‘suicide’. This leak could be linked to further pressurise the Memon business community but can be serious due to the involvement of high profile elite in the flight of capital from Pakistan.

The authenticity of this story is itself a question mark but we have a history of similar things happening in past. In any case, no matter what Munaf has/hasn’t done, he and JK should be given a fair chance.  At the end of the day no one knows what really happened. One more reason why we keep on saying, its all about JUSTICE FIRST. . .  (more…)

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