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Private NO-PARKING signboard

600px-noparking-svg1One more case of jis ki lathi . . . . . Kashif blogs a story about Nissan Chevrolet showroom that placed personal NO PARKING notice for citizens. We would like to know the LAW that gives them this right. Is this not a violation of Clause 15 of constituion regarding ” Freedom of movement” ? (wakeel hazraat guideĀ  please ...) Moreover, moving on from this specific case my main point was, it has become a common observation these day that people/owners/companies are placing these NO PARKING boards anywhere they deem fit for their purpose. I had once a minor argument with a security guard near Nursery on this and i guess many others might have fierce verbal exchange too. While the state of our LAW enforcing dept. is “well known” i guess the mainstream media should start highlighting this issue and bring it to the notice of the higher officials. I also think it all goes back to the increased lack-of-space (land mafia ??) issue in our city and the fact that the karnamaz our KBCA (cowasjee covers it extensively in his columns) did after 80s is finally showing the results.
Resolution: Not allowing illegal constructions , ensuring parking space in designs, strict enforcement of the first 2 :)

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