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Pre eid musings

Throughout this Ramzan i have been wondering where all the people of Karachi are? There has hardly been any traffic on the roads during the evening hours, except for after midnight when everyone suddenly throngs the roads and everything gets jammed from 12 – 2am.

Therefore I was quite pleasantly surprised yesterday when i visited a Bayan at Gulistan E Anis by Dr Shuja and found the whole place jammed to the hilt. There was no place to sit and cars were parked outside for miles. After Dr Shuja explained the verses of the Quran he was translating for all, I got talking with a few “regulars” and found out that apparently Karachi has had a lot more people flocking to these darses and religious gatherings throughout the month. In fact one of the people I spoke to even mentioned an issue with mosques having no more space for people who want to sit in “Eitikaf” during the last 7 days of Ramzan as all of them are full.

This is obviously a good thing because Ramzan is meant to be a month of prayer and forgiveness but I still got the feeling that due to the economic and security situation of our city a lot more people are turning to religion.

When one finds no help from earthly sources one turns themselves to the heavens I guess. Speaking of turning to heavens the full moon party will be on shortly in Karachi and in all other cities of Pakistan in the form of the Roohate Hilal guys looking for the moon in our skies. Which begs the question, why are so many ill sighted people on the Rooh ate Hilal committee anyways, all i see on this committee are people with thick spectacles and portly stomachs. Plus they can never agree on when Eid will be and normally every city in Pakistan has its own eid.

Well whenever it is i certainly hope it is a happy one for all, Eid mubarak Karachites & the entire team at KMB!!!!

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