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DNA test of entire staff of Qaid’s Mazaar to be carried out!

On the night of March 15th last month, an 18 year old woman who was visiting our beloved Qaids Mazaar from a rural area with her family was abducted from the grounds of the Mazaar.

She was then subjected to gang rape by unknown assailants and was left in an awful state at the gate of Qaid’s Mazaar in the wee hours of the morning on 17th March.

At first her husband and family ran from pillar to post to get an FIR registered which the police was not willing to grant on this heinous crime. However when the media caught hold of this story and it ran on many news channels the police registered an F.I.R and arrested the assistant head of security of Qaid’s Mazaar on March 20th. His D.N.A proved he was one of the rapists, on his interrogation two more men from the security force were arrested and proven guilty by their D.N.A. There are however still two suspects at large and the senate commitee on housing works has recommended that the entire workforce of the Mazaar should be D.N.A tested to find them.

It chills me to the bone as to how many security officers were actually involved in this crime. 3 being already identified and two left makes 5. What have we succumbed to? when the guardians of our beloved Qaid’s tomb resort to such disgusting behavior to satisfy their inner demons.

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