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Costa Coffee shuts down operations

Costa Coffee closes down

Costa Coffee closes down

In what may have been a three years of splendid coffee [covered by KMB in 2005 when it opened its doors], Costa Coffee has closed its operations across Karachi [& across Pakistan, as I am informed] as of January 1st 2009.

The location at Zamzama stands deserted, with a lone guard manning the front door probably to keep any stray coffee addicts away from rancoffee-beansacking the joint. The location at both D-Marts is deserted as well. Though the official statement [as narrated by the guard on duty] is that they have ‘closed down for renovations’, but the other competing coffee house ‘down the street’ narrates a story of tremendous business losses, as practically everything was being imported from abroad and sustainability in this economic down turn did not bode well for the Pakistani operations.

I for sure will miss out on its coffee …. but more importantly Pakistan also stands to loose on this franchise, as it would surely not set a good example for other similar ventures in the future.

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