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Blocking Out The Sun

For the last 10 years the residents of Sharafi Ghot in the Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi have been suffering at the hands of a Chipboard Factory owner next to them. This factory ironically called Sunlight has been producing/emitting dust in such volumes that literally thousands of children as well as elders living in this Ghot have developed serious health problems. It is further reported that there are school going children with problems such as TB, Asthema, Severe Eye Infections and even cancer in this locality all due to the dust.

Normally factories with such high rates of dust emission are not located near residential areas for a good reason. They make them inhabitable. However as is the case often in our city the factories owner is a rich and influential person. This time from the Memon community. Thus he is able to escape the clutches of all environmental or other emission enforcing agencies at the behest of a few thousand poor who have no voice.

The people of the Ghot have even contacted the Memon federation which has assured them of speedy action but nothing has happened. Why should anything happen? What is the opportunity cost of a factory relocating or installing environmentally clean machinery visa a vi a few thousand poor lives.

Shame on the Memon community, we always claim to be philanthropic and socially active people. Where is all our charitable spirit now? I guess its out back printing notes.

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