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Azaadi Blues in Karachi, where are the greens?

The only thing green I could note in karachi is the lights which use a lot of electricity without any reason, sane reason to be exact.

Azaadi ka mazzak. 12 baje nahi ke PUBLIC road band kardiye, yeh azaadi ke naam per azaadi manana hai ya gunda gardi. apne baap ka road samjh kar they flood it, going in whatever direction and wrong ways they want and in the first place how can they block the roads not even taking note of ladies and children. Oh yea taking note but in a negative manner. Each of these retards are part of one political party or another.

Makes the karachite in me red with anger and shame.

Lawyers menace on shahra-e-faisal

Anyone planing to go out of city or to receive a relative or friend from the airport can forget about it.

The lawyers’ movement is once again making sure it does all in its power to agitate the commuters on the busiest road of the city.

Shahra-e-faisal is closed for public traffic beyond the Drigh Road station due to a demonstration by the lawyers. Traffic is being diverted on Rashid Minhas Road which is causing great inconvenience to the commuters. A friend called and said he had to navigate through Gulshan to get to his home across the airport.

The Distant White Uniforms and the Black Signal

    The COPThe signal

The scenario above was more than funny to watch which later turned the spectator into the victim of the corruption.

This place is after Cannt Station, coming from Kalapul its the first left (point A) then then the first right (Point B) which leads to Teen Talwar straight ahead. I saw the unusual traffic Jam at point B. I noticed the black signal and no officers to control the traffic. Its been around a week since I’m observing this drama. On Monday it was around five cops on point A, dealing with multiple bikers and bus drivers and just a couple of meters ahead there is this malfunctioning signal with vehicles dangerously crossing from all four directions.

Every morning I watched this cop on standby on point “A” turn, high alert to stop anyone abusing the law or breaking the signal. On Tuesday he pulled me over on just about nothing, and when I failed to present the original ID card and the original documents of my vehicle (I showed him the duplicate though) he said the vehicle will be impounded and I will be fined for 350 Rupees.

Unfortunately, when I was taking the ID card out of my wallet he observed how much was I accompanying with me. That was the stupidest thing that I could do to hold the wallet in a way where he could see it clearly. Anyway… I asked for any other way around, he said give me 350 Rupees. I said its too much, he than agreed on 200 Rupees. I gave him the money and continued towards the office as I was already late.

I know I did wrong and gave him the money, but I realized it a bit late what I should have done. Maybe the hurry for reaching office was the factor or probably the avoidance to all the hassle. But now what is it that I can do? and that’s why I’m posting it here, probably any reader could be the next victim. I know for sure that I will put this into the cops’ attention the next time he pulls me over on just about nothing. There is nothing illegal or heroic in correcting the wrong when you are sure you are on the right side. But you have to make sure you are on the right side.

Note: Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, I had a very little time to take it. I saw the same scene today, literally took a u-turn from the broken signal, stopped on the other side to take a picture of the cop who was dealing with this person on the left most side in the left picture. When I took the phone out and pointed at him, he got on the bike and moved in other direction while watching what I was doing. The first picture got messed up as a car passed by :S the second picture is there. (I still need to buy a good phone :[ ).

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