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My pile is bigger than yours – Karachi ka haal

Source : Jay’s Toons

12 SHOs suspended over Karachi violence

Though, as always, little late but Sindh gov. finally has moved and according to GEO TV “SHOs of 12 police stations have immediately been suspended here on Tuesday after the police failed in controlling the tense situation continuing in the city for the last three days”. Dont know if this is done as per competency or political affiliation but all we can do is hope . . .  read more

Karachi voilence – an outside response ?

Just after the attacks in Mumbai Indian leadership started (their media jumping 10 steps ahead) pointing fingers at us, specifically Karachi. In his TV address their top man warned of consequences if appropriate measures not taken (“there would be a cost if suitable measures are not taken“). I take his words very seriously since I trust Indian leadership more than my own, when it comes to words. Though majority sees the current situation in city in an ethnic context, is there anyone who is willing to give a thought to an outside plan? Yes, I know its way too early so that’s why it’s a question. Any media report etc. especially if anyone was caught by police for interrogation? Are they starting the ignition and our people following innocently/deliberately?

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