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Helping the IDP’s…

The misery of the IDP’s caused by the Taleban in Swat is all in our hearts and we want to help. But how do we make sure that proper aid actually reaches them? A lot of donation booths seem to have popped up all of a sudden across the city – under bridges and flyovers, on traffic intersections and sidewalks, etc. People have set up tents where they are noisily blaring songs and slogans (however unpleasant) and collecting goods to send to the people in Swat. Political parties have started mobilizing their workers. Lots of individuals have also come forward with their own action plans for help. All of this is very commendable.

However, there are also others who are profiting from this opportunity to gain free funds. As was highlighted in the news a few days ago, reports are rife that people collected donations for the cause of the IDP’s and kept a major portion for themselves. Then there is the odd person who pops up by your car on a signal, with a box for donations. I am forever doubtful if that donation is actually going for the IDP’s or for the Taleban under-cover, or in the pocket of some corrupt int-wfpprofiteer. Oh yes! you should keep this in mind! Since there was no initial screening of the people coming down from the Swat area, many of the Taleban also slipped out with them. And they are known to take on such disguises to escape from the military so they can survive to cause trouble later. And Karachi is one place where they know they can come to collect money! 

So keeping all this in mind, how should you screen your donation to make sure it actually reaches the ones in need?


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