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GEO TV blocked in some areas

watch-geo-tv-live1So Mr. Nawaz was right. Musharraf ki rooh shayd waqai mai Zardari mai ghus gai hai (and here) although he was enough himself). I have just been informed by few friends from different areas that GEO is blocked on their side and seems like we may see a repetition of 2007 when the dictator turned it into hell. We were already saying that Feb 17 elections will result in more corrupt gov. since how can be a child legal when the marriage is illegal (NRO).

Its pathetic that our governments never learn from history. And this will just be the beginning I guess. Media is under threat as earlier it was mentioned in recent newspapers. After loosing media battle at an early stage and since GHQ is in full support to the civilian dictator, I hope that Zardari continue to make mistakes like these so his exit come as fast as his spiritual mentor came.

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Zardari’s Signature – Cowasjee Version

Cowasjee narrates his versioin of the (in)famous Zardari signature story at Mazar-e-Quaid. Simply love his last line. We shall now have a spelling-minister.  “Now, back to this September 12 when I went to the Mazar and asked the keepers to let me have photocopies of what had been written by the September 11 visiting ‘dignitaries’ in the visitors’ book. I was given copies of remarks recorded by the president, the Sindh governor and the Sindh chief minister. Subsequently, on September 14, I wrote in my column: (more…)

May God Save Us!

May God Save Us!

May God Save Us!

Few days back, our current President of Pakistan visited the last resting place of Quaid-e-Azam in Karachi. On the Tomb’s diary, he left the above message. What spelling, what verve. Do I have to say more?

Zardari be the president – Altaf Hussain

AT recently said that AZ should be the next president. This he thinks is better for country. Many see it in quite different perspective. For Karachi this might be a good gesture, no matter whatever is the real agenda. For country’s sake this seems shocking. What you think is the real reason Altaf bhai gave such a statement? Was it because of the reconciliation fever that seems to take on everyone in country or after sitting in power for 5 years Altaf bhai finally realized the attraction is too difficult to resist? What they say in urdu ki iqtidaar ka maza muu ko lag gaya hai. There is no doubt about the fact that no matter how much you despise the two, currently Karachi is in their hands & luckily/unluckily people have choosen them. With agencies always ready to get political parties fight each other do you think both guys are taking right steps for peace in karachi? Please also comment especially in view of the fundamental reason MQM was born i.e the fight for the rights of the Urdu speaking community in Pakistan (Karachi). Do you guys believe this cause is still alive or it’s dead now?

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